Why is hydration a necessary part of exercise recovery?

two women on exercise bikes hydrating with water

Up to 60% of the human body is water. When we exercise for even just an hour, we can lose anywhere from 0.5–2 liters of that water (depending on factors such as heat and clothing)1. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, drinking water during and after exercise is essential if you want […]

How to Prevent and Treat Shin Splints

Shin splints are very common—especially in runners who increase their workout intensity or a change their running surface (like shifting from well-paved roads to asphalt). Shin splints are also known as a cumulative stress disorder. In non-fancy terms, this means that a repeated pounding and stress on the bones, muscles, and joints of the lower […]

5 Reasons to Go See Your Physical Therapist

Physical therapy appointment

Once in awhile, we all have those moments where we suffer from minor aches and pains like back pain, a pulled muscle, or a stretched tendon. While these conditions are uncomfortable to deal with, they are usually not bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor. However, we’re usually left wondering: Do we stay […]

4 Ways to Have Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Yogurt and Strawberries for healthy weight gain while pregnant

If you have just become pregnant, you’ve probably given some thought to weight gain. Gaining extra weight while pregnant is normal, even necessary. But how much is too much weight gained? And how little is too little weight gained? Below are four ways to have healthy weight gain during pregnancy. 1- Exercising is a must Doing some form […]

What is tendonitis?

Athlete sitting on bleachers in contemplation

Tendons are the thick, strong cords that connect our muscles to our bones. When they become overused, it can lead to things like inflammation or irritation. This condition is known as tendonitis. Any tendon can develop tendonitis, but you’re more likely to develop it in your shoulder, knee, elbow, heel, or wrist. It can cause […]

5 Ways to Avoid a Stress Fracture

Reduce stress fractures by properly tying shoes

A stress fracture is a small crack in the bone that is usually caused by repetitive actions that place stress on the bone. These fractures, also known as hairline fractures, are commonly seen in the foot and lower leg of athletes. However, it’s not just athletes that can get a stress fracture. Anyone that has […]

6 Things To Do Before You Have Your Baby

women folding new baby clothes

The typical timeline of a pregnancy is filled with a lot of preparations and concerns. There are many health questions, a baby shower to plan, baby clothes and toys to buy, etc. To make things easier, here are some of the most important things to do before you have your baby. Shop Forte Women’s Health Supplement […]

Forté Recipes: Parmesan Chicken Salad Sandwich

Parmesan Chicken Salad Sandwich horizontal

Lunch, for many people, can be the hardest meal of the day to get enough variety to be satisfying but also remain healthy. Here’s a recipe that takes a twist on the traditional chicken salad sandwich that is easy enough to make on your lunch break. Parmesan Chicken Salad Sandwich 2 slices whole wheat, toasted […]