5 Ways to Survive Late Pregnancy

Dealing with Late Pregnancy

So you’ve gone past 40 weeks of pregnancy and perhaps you’re in week 41 and creeping ever closer to the start of 42. From now till the time that baby arrives it’s going to be a waiting game, so what’s the best thing to do?

First of all, realize that you may not be exactly past your due date. Your estimated due date is just an estimation-a guess of when the newest addition to your family was meant to arrive. The date given to you was a combination of information taken from your last menstrual period and the ultrasound scan that dated the fetus or embryo. It’s entirely possible that the date may have been off by as much as a week.

Secondly, the vast majority of late pregnancies will result in the birth of a happy and healthy baby. Try not to worry too much and do what you can to enjoy the last few days of pregnancy. Here are a few things you can do deal with late pregnancy:

1- Use this time to take care of yourself

It goes without saying that once the baby arrives you’ll be in for sleepless nights, 3AM diaper changes, fatigue, and never-ending tiredness. Use this time to sleep. If sleep isn’t coming, then nap whenever you can. Relax with a good book, go to the movies, or make a favorite dish—anything that distracts you from the waiting.

2- Let people help you

At this late stage in your pregnancy, everyone around you is offering to help. Let them! Whether it is housework, errands, or preparing for baby’s arrival, your friends and family want to do things for you. This too won’t last forever so take advantage of it now!

3- Stay busy

Time is your friend as much as your enemy. Each day brings you closer to your labor but counting down the clock can also drive you a little nuts. Do not sit home until your due date. Where possible, go out with friends, focus on work, organize a night-in with your partner, or a movie marathon at home. Whatever the activity may be keeping yourself active and occupied will make the time go by much faster.

4- Talk to Your Doctor

Once you reach week 39 without giving birth, your doctor may start mentioning inducing labor. If you don’t know what that is, then do a little reading on it to pass the time. Depending on how late you are, frequent calls and appointments with your midwife may be necessary. This will give them a chance to assess you and the baby to see how you’re both doing.

5- Enjoy this time

This sounds like an almost impossible task but try to make the most of these last few days or weeks of your free time. If this is a second or third child, then you already know what to expect with a newborn. If this is your first child then just remember that you’ll only have a few more quiet nights to yourself so try to make the most of them.

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