Have joint pain? 4 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Questions about Joint Pain

Joint pain is a complex topic that covers everything from shoulder injuries to arthritis. It can be a harmless condition that resolves quickly, a joint infection, or a long-term problem like osteoarthritis. In general, any sudden onset joint pain (especially those with no obvious cause) should always be seen by a medical professional as soon […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Nice & Warm this Winter

Keeping Baby Warm

Newborns may be cute, cuddly, and huggable but they’re extremely bad at regulating their own body temperature. As adults, our bodies have developed the ability to thermoregulate. This is the ability to generate heat or cool down when required. If we’re cold our body will start to shiver as a means to keep warm. If […]

How to Keep Your Sanity During the Newborn Stage

Dealing with Exhaustion

We’ve all heard tales about the exhaustion that parents experience with newborn babies–the sleepless nights, the constant tiredness, and the complete lack of energy.  Until you come face to face with the reality of the situation it’s difficult to fully appreciate the toll that exhaustion can take on your body. And this doesn’t just last […]

What You Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer

The ovaries are two small glands on either side of your uterus that store and release your eggs. When abnormal cells begin to grow uncontrollably here, it can be ovarian cancer. Cancer in the ovaries is most commonly a lump found while doing a pelvic exam. However, not all lumps are cancer. Here are three important […]

Desks Jobs and Joint Pain: How to Deal

Desk Job and Joint Pain

If you work a desk job, you are probably familiar with the aches and pains that come from sitting all day. Back pain, neck or shoulder tension, headaches, or knee issues are common conditions associated with prolonged sitting. Steven Conway, Ph.D., a chiropractor and attorney in Wisconsin, and a spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association, […]

6 Tips to Make Breastfeeding Easier

Tips for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may be the healthiest choice for your baby but that doesn’t mean it’s the easiest one. In fact, nursing can be downright difficult at times. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 79% of mothers breastfeed soon after birth. Yet breastfeeding does not continue for as long as recommended. At 6 […]

What is Pitocin?

What is Pitocin?

Pitocin is the synthetic version of oxytocin. Oxytocin itself is a hormone that your body naturally produces to start contractions during labor. But you may know oxytocin by a different name-the “love” hormone. Oxytocin is the same hormone that our bodies release when we snuggle up with loved ones or bond socially. As a medication, […]

What you should know about a herniated disc

Herniated disk

The term herniated disc sounds like a painful condition—and, unfortunately, it usually is. Our spine is made up of tiny individual bones (called vertebrae). Between each bone is a rubbery cushion (called a disc) that stops the bones from rubbing against one another. However, if one of the discs slips out of place or prolapses, […]