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I have been the primary orthopedic surgeon for the Brigham Young University football team for almost 20 years. In this capacity, I am responsible for facilitating the recovery of injuries that occur. About two years ago, one of my 5-star players fractured his spine. The fracture was not displaced. It did not require surgery. It would heal with a back brace and time. All I really had to do or could do was wait and watch. But the pressure was on. How could I get this athlete better faster?
I know quite a bit about fracture healing having managed many fractures over the past 35 years. I appreciated that nutrition can play a significant role in recovery but beyond the basics, I really didn’t have any specific answers. Unfortunately, reviewing the orthopedic literature didn’t help much. I was on a quest to find an evidence-based solution rooted in real science.

I turned to my peers in different healthcare disciplines including fellow medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, and others. These are people I know and trust. I also began an exhaustive search in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. I even hired a medical student to help me with the research. I learned that indeed there are a number of nutritional elements that can and do facilitate fracture healing. I also learned that there were no products on the market that address this situation.

I created a long list of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids that my literature search supported as potential augments to fracture healing. I sent my assistant off to the pharmacy and supplement stores along with a credit card to purchase all the items I needed. She came back with a shopping bag full of stuff. She spent about $400.00 and still didn’t have everything on the list. There were redundancies and deficiencies. A number of the products were from sources that are non-pharmaceutical in their quality and indeed, for many products, I could not be confident that what was on the label was actually in the bottle.

At the end of the day, I packaged a product that required my athlete to take about 35 pills per day! As you can assume, there was no way he would actually take the product. Even if he would take it, he couldn’t afford it.

Clearly, there was a need for a high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade product tailored to meet the needs of patients in specific clinical situations.

Further research demonstrated that nutritional science has far outstripped healthcare workers’ ability to apply its principles. Clinicians are left without an effective and efficient way to integrate nutrition into their practices and into the lives of their patients.

In most cases among the practice of health care, knowledge regarding the science of nutrition is rarely applied. Instead, patients are encouraged to eat a well-balanced diet. The assumption is made that over time, diet alone will suffice.

This assumption fails to fully meet our patients’ needs. It leaves them vulnerable to the effects of nutritional deficiency, and I realized that there was something that I could do about it. From this realization, Forté Elements was born.


Introducing Mediceuticals

Forté fills the gap between traditional pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements with a new category of products we call Mediceuticals. Mediceuticals are developed using peer reviewed scientific research and FDA-approved manufacturing processes. Unlike other supplements, Forté’s products are designed by leading healthcare practitioners to support specific health conditions. Our design process does not rely on anecdotal reports but uses evidence drawn from leading scientific journals.

Building Bridges

In healthcare, distinct divisions arise between providers of traditional medicine, chiropractic medicine and alternative and naturopathic remedies. Forté’s approach builds a bridge between these branches of medicine and creates a productive dialogue and alignment among all providers. Forté advocates for providing trusted, reliable and effective nutritional support for patients, thereby increasing the effectiveness of all their therapeutic and medical treatments overall. We believe that we can improve the entire ecosystem of health and healing.

Taking care of your body.

Forté’s innovative and effective products enhance the body’s ability to prepare, recover, and revitalize while targeting a multitude of clinical scenarios. Products designed for acute conditions target the nutritional needs of circumstances such as trauma, surgery and childbirth. We generate products that support patients with chronic issues such as heart, disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or undergoing chemotherapy. Forté also has a line of products that cater to elite athletes and high impact lifestyles such as police, fire, and military personnel. Our line of products address essential nutritional needs for several situations.

Scientifically Proven

In addition to these efforts, Forté advocates for an industry-wide movement toward Mediceutical certified products. Unlike traditionally available nutraceuticals, this new Mediceutical category will designate products that use only scientifically-proven, non-synthetic, pharmaceutical grade components that are produced in FDA-cleared manufacturing facilities.