How To Get Glucosamine Naturally

Glucosamine is a naturally produced compound that is found in the human body, including the cartilage, where it offers structural support [1]. Your body needs glucosamine to make a strong protein called aggrecan, which gives joint tissue its weight-bearing properties.  Another important structural nutrient in joints is chondroitin—a carbohydrate that promotes moisture retention and cushioning […]

How To Avoid Chromosomal Abnormalities in Pregnancy

How To Avoid Chromosomal Abnormalities in Pregnancy Chromosomal abnormalities may develop early in pregnancy before a woman even knows that she is pregnant. Although the risk of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality is higher for women who are 35 years of age or older, there are ways to lower this risk [1, 2]. […]

10 Tips for Reducing Joint Pain

Joint health is a critical part of our overall health. Optimal joint health leads to a better quality of life. However, poor joint health causes a lot of discomfort and difficulty. Joint pain and stiffness can be disheartening and overwhelming. Thankfully, even just minor tweaks to your lifestyle can have a positive impact. Your joint […]

7 Postpartum Side Effects to Watch Out For

Postpartum Side Effects

Your plans are made for the first, second and third trimester, your research is finished, baby books have been bookmarked. You’re all set for the arrival of your baby. But, what happens next? Surprisingly enough, many women have little idea of what to expect after the birth of their child. This is especially true for […]

5 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Folate

Why You Should Talk About Folate

There exists a nutrient that can protect against cancer, fight heart disease and reduce your chances of having a stroke. It can also help with brain development and is a building block of DNA. In fact, it might also help to lower your cholesterol. This nutrient is so important that since 1998, the US Food […]

4 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year spent with friends and family with many great traditions and activities. Unfortunately, it is also a common time of year for unhealthy eating and decreased activity levels. The average American gains 1-2 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, […]