4 Differences Between Being a Mom of One and a Mom of Multiples

Pregnant mom having a picnic with multiple children

Raising a single child versus raising more than one poses some big differences. You are used to having one child running around. How will your life change when you add another child? If you’re a mother with a single child thinking about having multiple children, here is what you should know.

Divided Attention

With one child you can devote all of your attention to him/her. When you have two or more, your attention may be divided between all of your infants1. Chances are while you are tending to one of your children the other one will need some instant attention1. Learning how to juggle multiple children can be tricky. The important thing to remember is that divided attention is normal! Don’t feel guilty.

More Resources

Being a mother of multiple children will also mean you will need to have extra resources like

  • diapers,
  • food,
  • laundry,
  • medication,
  • toys,
  • a larger living space, and
  • a larger vehicle for transportation2.

The financial side of having more than one child can also be more of a challenge than having just one child. On the other hand, when you have your second child, you will have clothes and other items left over from your first child. Upfront, you may not need to purchase as much which is a plus.

Less Rest

With just one child it is easier to

  • feed them,
  • change their diaper and clothes,
  • put them down for a nap, and
  • get some rest of your own1.

However, with two or more children you have to double that same routine. It can be harder to keep everything taken care of. At times, you may finish taking care of one child, start helping your other child, and the first child needs something else again. Maintaining all your children on a similar schedule can help ease this process. It can also give you more time to rest1. Babies and younger children will need you attention throughout the night as well. You will want to prepare to wake up in the middle of the night regularly1.

Emotional Demand

Having more than one child can raise the level of stress felt on a daily basis1. Running errands, family plans, and daily traveling will all require more effort and dedication. However, having two or more children can also need more emotion demand. Yet, your children can entertain themselves without your help as well.  This can give you more time to rest and lower your emotional demand3. If you find your stress levels rising, it is okay to make yourself a priority. They may involve having your partner watch the kids, getting a babysitter, or going off in a room on your own.

Evidently, more kids are more to handle than one. However, having two or more kids can also be a lot of fun. It is an adjustment but a worthwhile one.

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