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Heidi Bagley, MS RD
My goal is to raise awareness of the role nutrition plays in pregnancy complications, such as HELLP syndrome and preeclampsia. I want to help other mothers realize that there are things they can do before, during, and after pregnancy to minimize their risks—both for their health and the health of their baby. I hope to see nutrition become a stronger focus in the pregnancy world, both for expecting mothers and their physicians. Pregnancy complications often involve severe worry and heartache. I want to do all I can to soften that affect on parents and families.Heidi Bagley, MS RD
As an OBGYN, I am always educating. I like interacting with people and I feel I can facilitate conversations that help people understand what they need to. Understanding you and your baby’s needs during pregnancy is essential. There is no question in my mind that women who pay attention to both diet and exercise and good nutrition have generally healthier pregnancies. They don’t gain as much weight, there aren’t as many complications that come from that weight gain, less gestational diabetes, less hypertension, less preeclampsia, and I think they feel better and just recover better.Dr. Jefforey Thorpe, MD

I want women to know they have options! There is support available when it comes to exercise and activity while pregnant. Your body is designed to move, even when pregnant. Having a healthy and safe activity level while pregnant can ease discomfort and the toll of recovery after birth. My job is to find that balance that supports the wellness of both you and your baby.Dr. Seth Kelson, PT

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