Are you wasting your money on one-per-day vitamins?

One-a-Day Vitamins

Single pill vitamins do what they say on the package—they’re vitamins that you take once a day. Although the convenience seems great, these vitamins come with their own set of drawbacks. In almost all cases, they aren’t worth your money. You will be much better off putting your trust in more comprehensive supplements.

Jack of all trades but master of none

One-daily vitamins take a one size fits all approach. They’re not tailored for age, lifestyle habits, medical conditions, or other important factors that make a person’s circumstances unique. For example, a 60 year old male might need vitamins that focus on heart health. But, a 45 year old female would benefit from vitamins that focus on bone and joint health. Meanwhile, both of these people need different vitamins than 21 year old athlete who needs elements that help boost their sporting performance. Unfortunately, one-pill supplements often don’t distinguish between the different needs of different individuals. And if they do, it is unlikely you can fit everything you need into one pill.


One-a-Day Pills

Niche minerals and elements

Magnesium, selenium, and chromium aren’t nutrients that you hear a lot about. These vitamins and minerals don’t have the same star power as their better-known counterparts like vitamin C or A. But they’re just as important. Magnesium may help lower your blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory benefits1. Selenium is an antioxidant that protects cells from damage. Chromium helps to regulate our blood sugar level. These little-known elements play an equally important role in helping to keep your body in top shape. Yet once daily vitamins can miss some (or all) of these smaller, niche minerals.

These vitamins focus on mainstream nutrients but that means they can sometimes miss out on other important ones.

The right vitamins in the right amount at the right time

Single pill vitamins fit the mold of being adequate for anyone but not excellent for everyone. The specific minerals and nutrients that make up a supplement matter. As do their amounts. The benefits of taking tailored vitamins mean that your body is getting exactly what it needs in just the right quantity. Specialized vitamins can be tailored for joint health, nerve health, or brain health. Unfortunately, single pill vitamins don’t have the same luxury.

Pregnancy and vitamins

Regardless of the trimester that a woman is in, prenatal supplements are critically important for the health of both mom and baby. They’re full of

  • Folate,
  • Iron,
  • Vitamins like D3 (Cholecalciferol), and
  • Vitamin B5

in tested and researched amounts. Prenatal once daily vitamins miss the mark when it comes to all the nutrients and minerals that new mothers need in the correct amounts. Not all vitamins are created equal and there is nowhere that’s more obvious than in prenatal vitamins.

One-per-day vitamins are a quick alternative for those that need to use a generic vitamin. However, if you’re looking for specific, tailored nutritional support that’s best suited to your lifestyle then opt for customized vitamins instead.


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