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Frequently Asked Questions

An Independent Product Consultant (IPC) is a medical professional who recommends Forté products as a tool to improve the lives of their patients. As an IPC, you have no upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses—making it easy for you to focus on the overall wellbeing and recovery of your patients. As an Independent Product Consultant, you will join a community of healthcare professionals all dedicated to the betterment and health of their patients.
An alarmingly high percentage of adults have nutritional deficiencies and suffer physical and mental limitations in consequence. Your patients are looking for answers, and you have the ability to offer quality nutritional care that will provide a better quality of life. With Forté products, you are simply giving your patients a platform that leads to improved health and better outcomes.

Forté’s products are both convenient and complete. As such, they are a simple addition that adds numerous health benefits. These benefits include relief from pain, stress, and strain caused by health problems and conditions.

Forté products are not meant to replace what you already do but to enhance the treatments and techniques you already have in place. With Forté, you can address the specific nutritional needs of your patients. Your patients come to because they trust you will provide the best options. Forté is something that can enhance every part of your practice. As with every aspect of healthcare, the better you can heal your patients, the more they will come back.

Logistically, adding Forté to your office is free of hassle. You do not need to pay for or stock inventory, and we will provide/create all the materials you need to teach your patients about Forté. Our science and standards make us a trusted brand that will only add value to your practice.

Getting started is simple. Your first step is to apply to be an IPC by filling out the application found at the top of this page or by clicking here. Once your application is submitted, your information will be verified before you are approved. The vetting process can take up to a few weeks. After approval, you will be sent an email with all the information you need to start referring Forté products.
Forté is not a multi-level marketing company. There are no levels or tiers—no one is above you or below you. You are a representative of Forté focused on giving your patients the best, not recruiting and managing other consultants.

Customer Stories and Overview



Forté Elements Founder Kirt Kimball, MD

I have been the orthopedic surgeon for the Brigham Young University football team for almost 20 years. About four years ago, one of my 5-star players fractured his spine. How could I get this athlete better faster? I began extensive research and created a long list of nutrients that my search showed could help fracture healing. I first realized that there were no comprehensive products on the market that addressed my specific problem. I had to buy each nutrient individually. I then realized if my athlete were to take all the nutrients I purchased, he would need to take about 35 pills per day. And even then, he wouldn’t get all he needed. The assumption is made that over time, diet alone will give you everything you need. This assumption fails to fully meet your needs. I realized that there was something that I could do about it. From this realization, Forté Elements was born. – Kirt M. Kimball, M.D.