The 3 Main Types of Fractures: Clavicle, Arm, Ankle

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Have You Suffered One of These Common Fractures? Whether you have suffered a fracture, know someone who has, or have been lucky enough to have never had a broken bone, it is important to be familiar with the most common fractures types. Over 6 million fractures happen each year in just the United States1. Knowing the most common types […]

5 Ways to Prepare for Surgery

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The period of time between the day you schedule your surgery and the actual surgery can be stressful. You will want to get all your plans and affairs in order before your surgery date. Apart from accommodating your surgery in your busy schedule, don’t forget these key things you can do to prepare yourself for surgery. 1- Ask a lot of questions […]

The 3 Stages of Fracture Healing

Fracture Healing

Each year, an average of 6 million people in the United States will break a bone. This accounts for 16% of all musculoskeletal injuries and more than 3.5 million emergency department visits1. In fact, the average citizen in a developed country can expect to sustain two fractures over the course of his or her lifetime. And, fracture […]

Why are antioxidants important for joint health?

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We have all heard the term antioxidants before. We may be certain we know what they are, what they do, and where they come from. However, most people don’t know about the role antioxidants play in keeping our joints healthy. Here are just a few things you probably didn’t know about antioxidants. 1- How antioxidants work […]

Dealing with Nausea During Pregnancy

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Dealing with nausea during pregnancy is no easy task. After all, the exact cause of nausea or morning sickness has not been defined. For many women, nausea does not just present itself in the morning but throughout the entire day. The term morning sickness can be deceiving. Some theories suggest that it is caused by […]

The Importance of Calcium During Pregnancy

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Everyone knows that calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. But did you know that low calcium levels during pregnancy are associated with preterm delivery and preeclampsia? Studies have found that calcium supplementation decreases reduction of preeclampsia by 45%! That is huge. Preeclampsia affects about 11% of first-time pregnancies and 5% of all pregnancies. It is one […]