6 Things To Do Before You Have Your Baby

women folding new baby clothes

The typical timeline of a pregnancy is filled with a lot of preparations and concerns. There are many health questions, a baby shower to plan, baby clothes and toys to buy, etc. To make things easier, here are some of the most important things to do before you have your baby.

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1- Your employment

If you are an expecting mother who currently has a job, one of the most important things to do is to review your company’s policy and talk to your boss. You should come to a mutual agreement of how much time off you will need before and after the pregnancy1. Clearing this up will save you a lot of stress during the last months of your pregnancy and will give you plenty of time to recover after giving birth.

2- Meet with your OB

It is extremely important to meet with your OB (gynecologist) various times throughout your pregnancy. During your first trimester, your OB will want to check your baby’s heartbeat, run some time-sensitive tests, and inform you of your due date2. Once you enter the second and third trimester, more tests will be run to check your health and the baby’s health.

3- Mother’s health

The most common symptom of early pregnancies is exhaustion2. Take the time to sleep and sleep as much as you need. As the pregnancy comes to its end, it can become harder to sleep if the baby is moving around a lot. Once the pregnancy is over, your baby will keep you awake during the night, and you will learn to sleep in two to three-hour increments3. This is why sleeping during the early months is key to a healthy pregnancy.

Watch what you eat and drink. A lot of expecting mothers will deal with nutritional deficiency due to morning sickness and cravings2. Talk to your doctor about the best possible diets and prenatal supplements that not only will suit you but keep you healthy.

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4- Baby necessities

Plan a baby shower with help of your family or close friends. This will help you get started on things you will need for the baby such as new clothes, a car seat, diapers, a stroller, bottles, etc. After the baby shower, you can go shopping for whatever necessitates you still need2. You can also start a baby registry before your baby shower so that friends and family have a better idea of what your needs are2.

 5- Prepare for the hospital

You will most likely spend a few days at the hospital, so here are some things you should do to prepare for your stay4:

  • Register at the hospital
  • Do a test run to see how much time it takes you to get there
  • Make a birth plan
  • Pack your hospital bag
  • Prepare freezer meals and milk

6- Enjoy time with your partner

Plan dates nights or even a small vacation at the beginning of your pregnancy. After birth, it will be difficult to find the time to go on dates, especially during the first few months. You won’t want to leave your newborn with a babysitter right after birth, and will constantly be taking care of your newborn3. Spend some quality time with your significant other now since it will be a few months before things settle down3.


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